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BeitragVerfasst: Mo Dez 19, 2005 11:54 pm
von Peace
The official new version of O.S.D.M v2.23.402
Please don't publish OSDM stuff on!


OSDM Intro Channel by Roy/SAC: Group OSDM Intros [Vimeo]
Preview of included examples: Group OSDM Previews [Vimeo]

Update ( 23-11-11 ):
- Many internal changes
- Optimize for Windows Vista/Windows 7

Update ( 26-09-10 ):
- New: Global support of frame-animation in blockwise order only (use _B# in filename)
- New: Frame Anim Creator included (Tools -> Utils / Create Frame Animation)
- New: Free skinning of Gadgets/Button graphics (Tools -> Theme)
- New: Windowtitle also named by actual loaded .ini file
- Fix: Equalizer crashed in some special cases
- Fix: If SkinWindow or Mask->Desktop active, mainscreen could be moved by left mousekey
- Fix: Errormessage occured if Compact Export and custom musiclib isn't FXM
- Improved: Mainsources compiled with FASM v1.69.24
- Improved: Some effects much faster than 80% of used timecycles before
- Improved: Color selector stores selected colors
- Improved: Amiga IFF image converted also to 4, 8, 24 Bit (~50% reduced filesize)
- Improved: Initialized of updated PB4.50 windows libraries (cool, it works)
- Changed: Default GUI graphics
- Removed: Local support of frameanimation in horizontal (_H#) and vertical (_V#) order

- New: Used buffer depends by real bytesize of sprites
- New: Effects Move up/down & Loop up/down
- New: Move selected entry up/down in position
- New: Set maximal number of used frames while animation
- Improved: Anim-frames increased upto 128 frames
- Changed: Support of blockwise anim-frames only (_B#)
- Removed: Number of used sprites

- Fix: Some stupid memoryleaks
- Changed: Support of blockwise anim-frames only (_B#)

- Improved: Anim-frames increased upto 128 frames
- Changed: Support of blockwise anim-frames only (_B#)

3D Direct:
- Changed: X/Y/Z Pos in 1/100 steps for better adjust (must adapt old positions x~5)

- Fix: Replay of Playstation / Gameboy Advanced format (PSX/GSX)
- Fix: Assign of soundlibs

- New: Unpack of Amiga XPK [SQSH|PWPK|FIMP|BZP2|GZIP|NONE] packed files
- New: Unpack of Amiga PowerPacker LoadSeg and PP11 (very first PPData packed files)
- Fix: HeaderID of Amiga AMOSPro PowerPacker Bank (PPbk->"Work") wasn't removed
- Improved: Optimized of all Amiga specified unpack routines (only ~6KB instead ~24KB)
- Improved: Optimized, smaller and faster JCalG1 unpack process
- Update: Packermode 7-Zip (A) v9.15 beta

- New: DataRegister DR0 upto DR9 for use as variable userdata
- New: MFS, MFE to set start and endframe of an animation
- New: MVX, MVY, ADX, ADY supports AMIGATEXT
- Fix: ADZ could not handle negative values for LOGO
- Fix: MAZ used wrong angle parameter for STARS
- Improved: IDC use real IDN for seperate use of FLV, FLH
- Improved: About 30% faster analyze (by a real oldschool GOTO command ;)

Recommended examples:
- OSDM_Critizize.ini
- OSDM_Phenomena.ini
- OSDM_TST.ini

Update ( 21-06-10 ):
- New: Sound menue for free set of some alternative Sound-Engines

- New: Animframes also supports copper effect
- New: Zoom to resize in percent by correct aspect-ratio
- New: Angle to rotate a Logo by a given degree
- New: BFX for use of a DirectX effect (Blend, Smart)
- Fix: No more ugly rasterlines if set an effect and use of alpha
- Improved: Less use of videobuffer resources
- Change: Order of effects, also named with IDN for easy script detection

- New: Effekt Left Slice Bumping

- New: Classic Dragon (bubble balls) effect
- Change: Size in percent upto 500

- Fix: Detection of bitmap fontsize crashed intro in some cases

- Fix: Storyboard shows wrong time info of effects after an initializing

- New: MVZ, MAZ, MVW, MVH, ADZ, AAZ, ADW, ADH supports Logo
- Fix: SFX supports Loop effects for Sprites
- Improved: Optimized and faster analize of commands and its parameter
- Removed: Commands OSX, OSY and OSZ coz not really needed, slow down

- New: Hooked Image file browser with preview
- New: Export in Window Mode moveable by left mousebutton
- Fix: Flash View crashed intro in some cases
- Fix: Regie Script Paste by selection use wrong 3DDOT effect
- Fix: Browse for Sprite image return empty selection in some cases

- New: Support for STK (old SoundTracker) format
- New: Info about actual selected sound-engine
- New: A couple of plugins for use as alternative sound-engines

Recommended examples:
- OSDM_Wasserball.ini

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BeitragVerfasst: Di Dez 20, 2005 11:00 am
von Rebell
TNX for this release !

....and thanks to Peace for nice greetings :


cya - Rebell :wink:

BeitragVerfasst: Di Dez 20, 2005 6:41 pm
von Epyx
good work :)

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Dez 21, 2005 10:55 am
von spiff
Thanks! It is really a nce tool. Good work!

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Dez 21, 2005 11:10 pm
von xperience2003
thx for spamming