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BeitragVerfasst: Di Feb 07, 2006 3:21 am
von WhiteWolf
DeltaForce Razorblade production 7-2-2006

REBELL_STAR production 7-2-2006 (Special Design for our Webmaster Rebell)

MERCY_INTRO production 8-2-2006 ( Special Rar Release with Music,Graphics,Fonts )

DEXTRO_INTRO production 9-2-2006 ( Special Rar Release with Music,Graphics,Fonts for Dextro )

OSDM_LOGO production 26-2-2006

NUCLEAR production 27-2-2006

STORM_LOGO production 29-3-2006

ISOSCENE invite tro production 12-4-2006

THiNK cracktro production 19-5-2006

THiNK_TOON Cracktro production 20-5-2006

KLASHTRO 18-6-2006


iS0SceNe Invitetro Revenge of the joker (for new Warezboard) 1-3-2007

DAwN dentro 15-4-2007

iNFO_Master_ELiTE 8-5-2007

iS0SCeNeComeback 3-6-2008

iNF0.TR0_SAiNTS 11-4-2016

[IntroManiac] : Davey Jones Magic 9-5-2016

Synthesizing Dreams 2-7-2016

[AM] Chipper 9-8-2016

[AM] iNSTALLER SFXMaster 23-9-2016

[AM] Happy NewYear 2017

New OSDM/IntroManiac productions by me wil be updated in here ...

Feel free to give comments and feedback

To be continued ... :wink:

BeitragVerfasst: Di Feb 07, 2006 6:35 am
von Peace
Very cool cracktro Whitewolf :D :!:

nice cracktro!

BeitragVerfasst: Di Feb 07, 2006 7:47 am
von jizzy
ja also ich find ja auch das die font da sehr gut reinpasst! ;)
(könnte mann ja in den credits mit einbringen) =))

ansonsten schönes logo, withewulf!
weiter so =)

BeitragVerfasst: Di Feb 07, 2006 10:47 am
von Rebell
WooW !

Looks real great - cool style and smooth grafixx.
Now you can UPLOAD 20MB directly into this forums for your own INTROS/DEMOS - just edit the first post to upload like Jizzy does !

Try with this intro !

BeitragVerfasst: Di Feb 07, 2006 11:00 am
von WhiteWolf
Thx a lot for the nice words people :)

About the font creditz Jizzy sorry i should have given the credz i did give you special greetings in the cracktro so consider that as the thanks for providing the font its really cool ;)

To Rebel Thx for the upgrade i will use the upload function of the board and keep them al in this post