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Thema: Explosion Creator and Other things - Png Animation
this " stand alone " Win Based Tool creates animated Explosion and other good things if you know how to use.

dds files and transparent png files.

many dds files can be found in DOOM 3 or QUAKE 4. open the gamefiles called .PAK with winrar and find some good DDS.
also nice playing with png files.

SHORT OVERVIEW by Sascha Willems:
So here is a quick list of the application’s features :

° Create countless different explosions. Each explosion is randomized and all important parameters can be changed
° Exports to PNG complete with an alpha channel. No more black backgrounds and additive blending for your explosions anymore. ° The result texture inlcudes a full alpha channel
° Different texture sizes (from 256×256 up to 4096×4096, depending on wether your graphics card can manage that)
° Different grid sizes for setting the number of animation frames on a texture (4×4, 8×8, 16×16)
° Use your own particle textures. Either use the included ones I made from scratch or create your own particle textures and use them
° Change the parameters. All parameters used to calculate the explosion animation can be changed to make each animation unique
° Watch your explosion within the application. After generating a texture, it’s shown in realtime together with a preview of the animation

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