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Thema: Farbrausch demo tools 2001-2011
Hello osdm people
Im sure that a lot of you guys know the demogroup Farbrausch find out who they are and what they make @

Well the group has made several advanced demomakertools in C++ called WERKZEUG

The complete history of Farbrausch producktions scripts and tools 2001-2011 can be downloaded now from Github
Kebby made a complete package of all the scripts and tools the used in a 10 year timeperiod of demomaking
so everybody can study their ins and outs how they builded the productions
Check out the Github page here :

copied from the original Kebby Github page


This is it. Pretty much a history of Farbrausch tools 2001-2011. We've been meaning to release all this for ages, in various forms, and always ended up not doing it because "we'd just have to clean it up a bit first...".

No more. This is not cleaned up. This is the raw deal, some from old hard drives, some fresh from various SVN repositories. This is code written for a bunch of different versions of Visual Studio. Some of it is really tricky to compile, some really easy. There's some nice clean stuff there, other parts are just a complete mess.

The original unmodified code (with a few bug fixes) is archived under the "original" tag, in case there's historical interest, but as of April 16, 2012 the master branch of this repository contains code that builds with Visual Studio 2010 (which is presumably more useful to people). We originally anticipated that getting everything to work with a recent compiler would prove difficult, but it turned out to be fairly easy and required only small changes to the code base, so there's little value in keeping the two branches separate.

All of this is released either under a BSD license or put in the public domain (stated per project). Not that you're likely to want to use most of this code, but if you want to, we see no reason to keep you.

So what do we have in here? Here's the basic directory structure:

altona_wz4/ - Altona and Werkkzeug4. Our most recent code foundation and tool.
altona/ - The framework libraries (includes base Werkkzeug4 GUI).
wz4/ - Wz4FRlib (demo ops) and Wz4Player.
genthree/ - GenThree. Used for Candytron and nothing else.
data/ - Candytron data files.
kkrunchy/ - kkrunchy 0.23alpha code (latest we could find)
kkrunchy_k7/ - kkrunchy_k7 0.23a4/asm07 (most recent version)
ktg/ - OpenKTG texture generator. See below.
lekktor/ - May summon Eldritch Abominations. Handle with care.
RG2/ - RauschGenerator 2. Used for several 64k intros.
dopplerdefekt/ - data files for fr-029: dopplerdefekt
einschlag/ - data files for fr-022: ein.schlag
flybye/ - data files for fr-013: flybye
welcome_to/ - data files for fr-024: welcome to...
v2/ - V2 synthesizer system. Used for all our intros, kkrieger and debris.
werkkzeug3/ - Werkkzeug3. Used for tons of demos and intros.
data/ - Source data for kkrieger and some test projects.
debris/ - Source data for fr-041: debris.
theta/ - Source data for fr-038: theta.
w3texlib/ - Werkkzeug 3 texture lib. Used for fr-033.
wz_mobile/ - Werkkzeug Mobile. Never got used for anything.
werkkzeug3_kkrieger/ - kkrieger branch. Game mode in here might work. :)

Here are some Youtube videos to see some of these scripts and tools in action

Demoscene Workshop 1304

search result farbrausch

Another usefull site for info about Werkzeug