Beitrag Di Mai 09, 2017 3:28 pm

Thema: [AM_CODEF2EXE_TOOL] Make stand alone exe files of your CODEF
After a oldskool coding session night, iNC made it once again....


The CODEF2EXE Tool has been brought to live......

First, it was a idea of a concept from the evening but than it has been realised after hot enthusiasm in only 2 hours as a working win executable demo.

Yeah, we're now able to add Codef Screens, which normally count multiple files to combine and compile them into one Stand alone Windows EXE File.
How cool is that, you can download a working sample from the attachment of this post to see it for yourself.
The attached example show the online version. A offline version with more features like adding own Splash Screens in front of a Demo.exe file and many more we will release very soon. Be patient...


Let us know what you think about this project.

Creds :
The Quartex CODEF remake we used inside this exe sample
Has been created and provided by : TotorMan
(Thanx a lot for providing the excellent remakes...)
The AfterMath team
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